Sunday, February 25, 2007

a mixture of mercy, grace, fire and brimstone

so you know, you have these moments where you're just watching your kids be, then out of their mouths comes something so wise beyond their years...

and you think, WOW, what a privilege to be guiding this little one...shaping them...

and so it was wednesday night. i'd dropped austin off at youth group and had not intended to stay for the wednesday night service...but changed my mind...of course, i had to sit in the back because of the little ones...

they had index cards on the seats for us...asked us to write down our needs...our prayer requests...and to leave them on the chair when we left the service.

so i poured out my requests...the cries of my heart...big, seemingly impossible things for our family...

carson brought me HIS card and showed it to said something like this:

glkjiugdihgjfkmcv,mceoiruoejcvlm mlkjcoeurlekjljbvlkjbeykeh'gaj'jee

and i said, "hey buddy, great job."

he was not so easily dismissed.


i had to confess, "no, carson, i don't...what's it say?"

his answer stopped my heart.



and he's RIGHT...all of those things are true :)

it was like God KNEW that i needed to hear that the things on my card are not impossible to him!

and i looked at carson a little bit differently...

of course, this is where the fire and brimstone come in :)

i felt so proud of my little God-lover...thought, "wow, we must be DOING SOMETHING RIGHT...he seems to 'get it.'"

fast forward to thursday night...less than 24 hours later.

we were hanging out with my friend stacey and her kids...the wise, profound one had to go potty LOL and so i left hudson with stacey...

i wasn't gone but a few minutes...i came back to THIS question from stace:

"WHAT KIND OF CHURCH ARE YOU GOING TO?" with a weird look on her face :)

i was almost afraid to ask why...but i did.

apparently hudson had looked at her and said, point blank,



HE'LL KILL YOU." much for proud momma.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i STINK at keeping in touch!

and i used to love to fact, monica robinson has STRICT instruction on WHERE my journals are and WHAT she is to do with them should i happen to leave this earth sooner than expected :)

but anyhow, what does THAT have to do with THIS?

i figured i'd start a blog...everyone else is doing it...(mom, i can hear you saying, "if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?")

so, if you want to know what's happening with us, i invite you to come back regularly...

i have a lot of catching up to do...this journey we've been on is written inside my head and i very much would like to let it's crowded in there :)

miss y'all (in my best southern accent).


what a wonderful world

i know i may complain about the weather come may, june and july...

but right now let the record state that i have NO COMPLAINTS.

yesterday, bobby and i BOTH had the day off (well, actually we found out later that i was scheduled to work...but they had never notified me that they changed the schedule). a huge THANK YOU to the children's place because we had the BEST day!

...took the boys to the park to let out some of that cooped up energy. they had a blast and we got to just sit back and RELAX for the first time in a long time.

driving back home, there were huge rays of sunshine breaking through the little spotlights.

it's funny, because usually i'm the one that would SAY SOMETHING, but instead bobby looked at the sky and just said, "we need those rays of light to fall on us...God, please shine your favor on us."

and i couldn't agree more.

the sun IS shining here...and we're just WAITING...i think we're right where we're supposed to be...and it feels GOOD.