Wednesday, February 20, 2008


it's hard to believe baby is four today.

from the initial 'thoughts' of having another child to this very day, hudson's life, FOR US as parents, has meant HAVING FAITH...trusting that God would provide. welcoming another child into our family at that time was not something that made ANY sense in the natural...

but OH AM I THANKFUL that i did not allow circumstances to dictate because this little guy brings so much JOY to our lives. he loves us, he loves our family & friends, and most importantly this little guy is a God-lover.

if you know hudson, you know that his mouth is never closed. if he isn't talking, he's laughing. if he isn't laughing, he's making sound effects. but MOST of his time is spent singing.

he doesn't want to be LIKE matt redman, he IS matt redman LOL

yesterday i gave him an early birthday present...a 'matt redman' shirt (not really, just a cool, groovy shirt but HE doesn't have to know that) and we set out with my friend stacey, and his friend guitar...

here's a glimpse into our day:

stacey, thank you so much for the awesome pictures! you're helping to debunk the theory that the last kid never has any good photos :) :) :) these are BY FAR, the best birthday pictures any of my kids has EVER had. love ya chica!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy GrAhAm!


we love you,
uncle bobby,
aunt wendy,
& hudson

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Z is for...(can i get a drum roll please?)...

the's more than i can handle.

the letter's so FINAL.

this post will put to rest the whole alphabetical blog thing that has been so fun to work on (not sure it's been as fun to read but, truly, i've enjoyed coming up with different thoughts to correspond with the letters...

but Z...well, it stopped me in my tracks...

it could stand for zoloft (anyone have some i can try? HEE HEE)...
it could stand for zany (any typical day around here)...


what about Zsa Zsa?

what if Zsa Zsa WENT to zimbabwe? (can you imagine?)...

it could stand for zzzz's (as in i'm off to catch some zzzz's)...

how 'bout ZORRO? nothing like a masked crusader, right?

but ultimately, none of these jumped out at me.

i've thought on this for far too long...wasted far too much time...

and so, my friends,

is for Z- End.
hope you've enjoyed my alphabetical blog.

no CLUE where i'm going from here. if you have a suggestion to jump start my blogger-brain, please feel free to share.