Tuesday, June 15, 2010


growing up, i H.A.T.E.D. my freckles. so much so that i would pray at night that God would take them away while i slept. and i'd wake up disappointed. time after time.
but THESE freckles...well, THESE freckles are different. i couldn't love them more. this sprinkling of sweetness on my littlest man's face. these freckables are kissable. delectable. and i thank God for them...for him...every night. time after time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my little graduate

hard to believe that in just two years we'll actually be doing this FOR REAL with austin. seems like it wasn't so long ago HE was the little kindergartner in the red hat. congratulations huddy!

bzzzzzz...what's that sound?

it's the second grade SPELLING BEE.

way to go, carson, for being selected as one of the second graders to participate. you did a great job and we're proud of you.

whose idea was it...

to have water day AND crazy hair day on the same day????

hudson left the house with a funky blue faux hawk. within seconds of participating in water day it was gone. glad i made that trip to the beauty supply store. LOL.

where's carson, you ask? he's WAY too cool to join in for baby things like crazy hair and pajama day. boo. either that or he's smart enough to know that his pic could end up on mommy's blog. :)

he loves me...he loves me not. he likes me. he likes me not.

hudson came home from school with little envelopes for bobby and me. i opened mine first. read it out loud. awwwww. sooooo sweet. and then bobby opened his. let's just say i couldn't stop laughing. and i'm still laughing. so so so funny. sorry babe. :)

the chocolate lounge

daddy's girl. xoxo.

doesn't get any sweeter than a CHOCOLATE party, does it? alexis had an all girl bash at a super cool place called the chocolate lounge. the girls all got dressed up & dined on chocolate covered EVERYTHING.
check out this sucker...isn't it just STUNNING?

jordan earned rights to this title as she prepared for her night out. and i learned an important lesson: next time have someone else do her hair and makeup. even though she turned out quite lovely, it was not worth the emotional AGONY of reassuring her that i knew what i was doing. LOL.

alexis & jordan (well, and audrey too :)

beautiful girls. happy sweet 16 alexis.

austin & rachel * band formal 2010

when rachel asked austin if he would escort her to her band formal, i have to say i was THRILLED to dress him up in something other than navy blue. while i think he looks very handsome in his air force ROTC suit, it's refreshing to see him in something a little lighter, a little more fun.

and rachel looked beautiful in her dress. you two are TOO cute and i love you both. xoxo.