Monday, June 22, 2009

it's official...he's 'A REAL COWBOY' now.

the boys were SOOOOO very excited when a large box arrived at our door, all the way from north carolina.

aunt diane noticed on one of my blog posts that hudson attended rodeo day without a cowboy hat she packed up a whole box full and shipped them our way.
the boys are having SO MUCH FUN with them. diane, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. you are so sweet!

here's a few pics of hudson in one of them (carson was inside at the time...will have plenty more photo ops, i'm sure!).

the state just called...

they've filed a lawsuit against me.

the crime:

blog neglect.

(note to self: next time you choose to google images for handcuffs, be prepared for what may be displayed on the screen. glad the kids are in the other room. LOL).

it has been SUCH a busy season...end of the school year parties, exams, awards, etc. and we're finally coming up for air.

will update with photos & thoughts in just a bit. off to get the boys a snack first.