Monday, May 10, 2010

chubby bunny

chubby bunny - a game played by two or more players. one person at a time places a marshmallow in their mouth and then says 'chubby bunny.' this is repeated one marshmallow at a time, repeating 'chubby bunny' with each additional marshmallow added. players turn is over when they can no longer say 'chubby bunny' or when they spit out the marshmallow.

or when mom comes home and discovers that four kids are playing this upstairs while she's been away LOL.

i should be happy that the four of them still play together right? i should not be worried about the possibility of sticky marshmallowey goo on the boys beds. right?

jordan documented the whole event with my camera.

the good news (for me): they didn't get any marshmallow on the beds, floors, clothes.

the bad news (for them): there are no more marshmallows in the house for them to repeat the fun.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

today we had a fantastically kicked back day.

i have not touched a dish. have not washed a single piece of laundry. have not fed the dog. and even snuck away for my very own starbucks, without having to share a single sip. it's the little things :)

the kids helped me prepare what is probably the fanciest dish i have ever made for just our family. hudson kept asking if i was SURE no one was coming for dinner.

it's jamie oliver's recipe: and trust me when i say that if i can make this, then ANYONE can.

the kids had fun chopping up all the veggies. now if only i could get them to actually EAT them.

bobby bought me flower of choice.

and my only request from the kids was that they each make me a card. and each of them brought their own unique style to the table. i have voted jordan's my favorite because her interpretation of me is VERY SKINNY. that jordan is one smart cookie. LOL

hudson's card ^^^^ wow, i'm so tall. and bigger than a rainbow.

carson drew me some sort of transformer thing. but he 'softened' it up a bit by making the eyes out of hearts. LOL.

seeee ^^^^^ how skinny i am on j's card? she wants something...i'm sure of it. LOL

i love this crazy crew that i have been blessed to call my own. happy mother's day to you and yours. xoxo.