Saturday, April 7, 2012

construction terminology, words with friends & God stuff LOL

if you know me at ALL, then you know that my mind works in...well, let's just say perhaps UNUSUAL ways (read: weird). hee hee.

it's okay. i've come to terms with it :)

what you are about to read has been floating around in my head for a good two weeks or so now...i've just been toooooo busy to sit down and type it out. but jordan and bobby are at a volleyball tournament, the boys are watching cartoons and austin & the dog are sound asleep. so here we go.

a couple weeks ago i was playing a game of words with friends. if you aren't familiar with the game, it's pretty much scrabble. and i loooooove my word games. when i play them, sometimes i try words even if i'm pretty sure that they aren't real...because you just never know :)

my opponent placed the word JOIST. i decided to try to make it REJOIST.

turns out that's not a word. lol.

BUT it started this whole thing in my head. i immediately thought of the following verse:


and then i thought, well, why can't you REJOIST?????

to be honest, i wasn't really sure what joist meant. i know what JOUSTING is. but joist? nope. so i googled. because i love google. seriously, if i were stuck on a desert island (and lol bc i just typed dessert...someone bring me some cheesecake)...and could only pick one thing to take with me it would be the ability to google. because i cannot survive without it. it keeps me sane. okay, maybe not...but it keeps me happy. how's that? hee hee.

back to the joist.

a joist is a beam laid crosswise to support a floor or ceiling.

pretty important stuff, those joists.

they are fundamentally important to the foundation.
apparently you can't REJOIST. joisting has to be done right the FIRST time. because otherwise everything else gets completely messed up.

and that made me think that not only should we rejoice in the Lord always...

but we should also reJOIST in the Lord always as well.

if we place the cross as our foundation (read the definition again: a beam laid CROSS-wise!!!!!!) if we lay that beam DAILY...we can stand matter what the day holds.

the last couple weeks have held lots of reminders of the brevity of QUICKLY things can change. it takes just a split second and life can be altered forever.

regardless of what life brings we're instructed to rejoice. um...that's some TOUGH ADVICE to follow sometimes, right? and apparently it was important enough advice that it had to be repeated (reminds me of when i'm talking to the kids and i have to repeat myself to be sure they heard me).

rejoice in the Lord always. AND AGAIN i say rejoice.

life has brought some hard stuff. we aren't expected to rejoice in THAT. we're just directed to rejoice in the LORD. and JOIST in him too.

and if you're curious, the definition of JOUST is a combat on horseback...if i'm being honest, sometimes i find myself JOUSTING with God too.

he always wins.

i guess that's a good thing, right? :)