Friday, March 16, 2007

spring quick and yet so long...

well, it hadn't rained in at least forty days and forty nights...

apparently God was saving it up so that we could spend most of the kids' spring break week if i wasn't already going insane :)

but we still had fun...maybe next year we'll actually get to go somewhere?

luckily, carson is easily entertained. he THINKS that the disney store at the mall actually IS disney he will beg us to take him to disney world and he actually gets his wish...of course, some day he's bound to figure it out :)

today, the last day of the break, it was GORGEOUS...took some pictures of hudson...

here's a link to the photos:

he's been asked to model for a friend of mine who is a custom kids designer from colorado. she usually does girl stuff but said if this one does well, she'd like to keep using our little guy for modeling...i think the dimples are what did it for her :)

enjoy the slide show...he's growing so big, too fast.

miss you all!

Friday, March 9, 2007

i've just given birth to my

under carson's orders.

he dressed up like an army guy today (that means his scout-shirt from tcp, a dressy necktie and his hat that came with his cowboy dress up set...and then of course, he carries a rifle with him).

so he ORDERS me to my bedroom and tells me to lay down on the bed b/c i have a baby in my belly and he's going to take it out.


he told me to shut my eyes...but i had to peek!

first he took the rifle and SHOT ME!!!!

oh my gosh!...I HAD TO INTERRUPT!

"why are you SHOOTING ME?"he says, " i have to...that's how i'm going to get the baby out!"

so then he stabs me with jordan's fuzzy pen and then hands me our new addition.

and then instructed me on the proper way to HOLD the baby because you need to hold it CAREFULLY.

sadly i deleted this pic from photobucket and don't remember what the 'baby' was.  all i remember is that it was something weird and definitely not a baby.  lol.