Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SOARING to new heights

austin was thrilled to be given the opportunity to design, draw and paint a mural for one of the walls in the ROTC wing of his school.

today he asked me to come and see his progress. he isn't finished with the background/clouds yet, but this is the F-16 Thunderbird so far:

GREAT JOB AUSTIN! we're so proud of you. all those times we told you not to draw or color on the walls...well, never mind what we said :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

how many times have i asked you NOT TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD?

yesterday we had the joy of experiencing our very first crawfish boil at our neighbors house. it was an absolute blast and i think it's a day that NONE of us will ever forget.

the boys had a BLAST playing with the crawfish that had not yet realized their fate...and we had a grand time enjoying the ones that DID. it's really quite disgusting...but once you got past that...well...yum is all i can say.

i made my dear sweet sister do the honors of 'preparing' my first one...

and thought it was good enough to jump right in and go for it on my own. let me just say that this is one HUGE big deal for me...completely out of character and i didn't even partake of the alcohol LOL

i even got hudson and carson to taste them (they didn't want seconds, but preferred to just play with them instead).

lexi was born in the wrong place. the girl should definitely be in new orleans...she was a natural!

and jordan...jordan who has never even eaten a CHEESEBURGER...was finally convinced to try one...but only after i told her i'd give her $10.00.

tyler and katie came to our 'rescue' the night of the hurricane after the beanstalk fell on our house. we rode out the rest of the hurricane at their house...hudson still calls tyler his 'hero' and it was fun to get to know them better.
next time dinner's on us! only i'm pretty sure ours will already be dead before you get here :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

carson's pictorial guide to sleeping comfortably in a cast

THIS is how i discovered carson when i went to wake him up for school this morning. hours later and i'm STILL laughing.

if you missed it, we had a mishap last wednesday evening involving a sliding board, a wild seven year old and some pavement.

good times.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

what do TAYLOR SWIFT, ALEXIS & JORDAN have in common?

well, first off, they were all at the houston rodeo last night. and i don't know about taylor, but i do know that jordan and alexis had a blast!

my friend stacey gave the girls tickets to go to the concert. what a blessing! thank you stace :) and uncle mark & aunt jennjer agreed to actually get them there. which turned into a 2.5 hour venture (and that was just one way). again, what a blessing! thank you mark & jenn :)

the girls were excited to share that taylor swift's crowd beat out the jonas brothers crowd.

and to answer the original question:

taylor and alexis are both 5' 11"

taylor and jordan both have brothers named austin

what do they NOT have in common?

taylor is a neat freak. sadly, the same CANNOT be said for lex & jo. though, maybe they'll be inspired???? a girl can dream, right?

the girls used up the camera battery taking pictures of something to do with sheep LOL so no actual photos of the concert, just these shots from before they left...but it's still a night they'll never forget.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my irish eyes are smiling

okay...actually my irish eyes are getting very very sleepy...but i can't close out my day without sharing some photos of the lee/crowe clan in their greenery...
check out bobby & mark in their matchy-match shirts, shorts, hats and sunglasses...and jennifer's pink ralph lauren keychain is the perfect accessory to complement all the green LOL!
and not sure what happened with the camera flash on this one, but see...i told you my irish eyes were smiling...as are jenn's! not sure where my irish nose went though????

and speaking of greenery...i'm not so thrilled with what's been creeping around in our yard. tonight marked the sighting of snake number four...in just a little over a week. and those are only the ones we've SEEN. heaven help me. this one is rather tiny as far as snakes go...but that makes no difference to me...because they GROW. gasp. the one we saw YESTERDAY was waaaay bigger and i'm still traumatized. the boys on the other hand...well, they thought it was just grand. and yes...again, go ahead and make fun of me because this is a little snake. i don't care. it won't change a thing for me.

thank God for big kids who can take the dog out because i'm not going out there in the dark anymore...i might not even go out in the daylight either LOL
oh and speaking of dogs...look how adorable jenn & maya are!!!!
and that concludes our st. patrick's day greeting. stay tuned for more exciting updates...if you don't hear from us soon, please contact the authorities...the snakes may have made a dinner out of us.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

congratulations kevin & jessica!

little did we know that when we enrolled jordan and carson in a local basketball league that, not only would the kids gain some skills, but our entire family would gain a friendship that would carry on long after the season was over.

we met kevin when he was a single dude...but it wasn't long before he was beaming...he'd met someone. i still remember the email that he sent me with an attached photo of jessica. sooo cute (his infatuation & her photo :)

they had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding and it was an honor to be part of their special day. jessica thought of EVERYTHING and even had personalized 'kevin & jessica' coloring books and crayons for the kids...a HUGE hit! thanks jess!

i must admit i was a little horrified when i arrived to the wedding in my cream & black damask dress and discovered that THAT was the theme throughout the announcements & the decorations. i felt like i should go home and change LOL

we had a great time. while kevin & jessica were busy soaking in all the love, carson was spending HIS time trying to create some love of his own. it was hysterical watching him flirt and turn on the charm with LISA, who was seated at our table. lisa was a sweetheart & humored him.

hudson was much more reserved and spent most of the evening attached to sissy...i don't think he's going to keep up with carson in the lady's man department...which is fine since he has already proposed to his sweet friend rowan :)

before the night was through, carson managed to get in a dance with the bride :)

kevin & jessica, may your marriage be filled with more love & happiness than you can possibly stand! we're so happy for you both and it was fun to share your day with you. we reminisced a bit...it's been almost EIGHTEEN years since our wedding day, which is hard to believe! enjoy it...it goes faster than you can possibly imagine.

xoxo, bobby and wendy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


it's rodeo day today @ hudson & aidan's school.

the boys were very excited to get dressed up in cowboy gear and head out to the homestead...i mean classroom.

yeah, yeah...i know they don't have hats or big belt buckles...but we only had two days notice. we'll be prepared for kindergarten :)