Wednesday, July 16, 2008

does AFRICA really need PEZ?????

many of you are familiar with JOHN COLLIN.

if you are NOT, then you haven't spent much time around HUDSON.

john collin and hudson are best of friends. hudson talks about him all the time.

one small problem: he's invisible LOL

over the course of time that john collin has 'been' with us, we've learned quite a bit about him. he has an amazing ability to age and then return to his youth...we just never are quite sure how old he really is.

john collins parents drive mustangs.

most recently, john collin moved to mexico.

so we were VERY surprised when hudson said that john collin was now in AFRICA.

i asked him what he was doing there.

he said that his dad got a job there and they had to move.

i asked what his dad did (last i knew he was a pilot).

nope. not any more.


for some reason this just CRACKS me up.

if you're interested in the history of pez (and c'mon, who ISN'T?) read this:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a moment in CARSON'S head

sometimes the questions he asks are just TOO hard...

death, religion, science (LOL).

but this one...THIS morning...THIS early...

well, it's just one more of those moments where you realize you're completely ill equipped to handle it all.

see if YOU can answer.

because i'm stumped.

his question, verbatim:

"mom, why do they call them BIG CHEEZ-IT? they SHOULD call them BIG CHEEZ-ITS!"

and you know, he's RIGHT.

what WERE they thinking???????

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BOYS are BAD for the DIET

did you know that a grilled chicken sandwich (plain) from chik-fil-a is only 5 points on weight watchers? THIS is a big deal if you're counting points.

yesterday, we were on the go and i was starving and i pulled through the chik-fil-a drive thru to grab a sandwich. it was just the little guys and me and they had already eaten.

hudson: what are we doing?

me: i'm getting a sandwich.

hudson: are you getting fries too?

me: no. i'm on a diet.

carson: why are you on a diet?

me: because i don't want to be chubby.

carson: you're not chubby (GOD I LOVE THIS KID).

me: well, i want to be skinnier than i am now.

carson: oh, you mean like STACEY.

(i will never be as skinny as stacey unless we go back in time to like 8th grade LOL).

me: um, yeah, like that.

carson: chicken sandwiches aren't diet.

me: GRILLED chicken sandwiches are.

hudson: yeah, and BOY chicken sandwiches aren't.

i'm not even sure this will translate in might need to hear hudson's little texas accent in order for this to be funny.

but it sure made ME laugh.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


so my friend ANGELA shared a favorite blog with me last night. i think i might have gained a few pounds just looking.

i feel the need to make a run to the grocery store to buy some items. this looks like a fun afternoon project, doesn't it?

check out all the fun goodies at:
and don't blame me if you're suddenly hit with a craving for something sweet.