Saturday, January 26, 2008


YVES SAINT LAURENT cosmetics was looking to bring new life to their brand of makeup.

after searching high and low,

they decided on a brand new marketing campaign featuring

i'm pleased to announce their new spokesmodels, ANAIZA & JORDAN:

X is for (e)XCITING!

another exciting win for jordan's basketball team!

28 to 2.

jordan had a blast and had everyone in the stands laughing at her expressions and reactions if she got fouled or called for traveling. she's SUCH a goof. don't know WHERE she gets it from. must be her father's side (hee hee).

a few pics (that's jordan in the navy with the red wristbands):

this one cracks me up...

and just because he's SO DARN cute:

also found out that since hudson turns four next month, he'll be able to play soccer and t-ball this spring! i have a feeling we're going to be busy from here on out with sports schedules!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

W is ALSO for the WOODLANDS college park HIGH SCHOOL

here jenn & mark,

just for you... a glimpse of the future?

you know those blue skies are calling your name!

W is for WHY?

so i was laying in bed trying to fall asleep...and thinking, 'i need to update my blog.'

and i began to ponder the letter W.

here's some of what was going on inside my head:

why does W sound like it starts with a D?

why does Y sound like it starts with the letter W?

why does U sound like it starts with the letter Y?

and WHY DID THIS KEEP ME UP FOR WHAT FELT LIKE FOREVER as i then had to go through the alphabet, letter by letter? (i'll spare you the rest of the alphabet).

i'm a dork.

i'm a dork who is going to need a nap today as a result of all of that deep thought.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

V is for VICTORY!

this was the first week of basketball games for carson & jordan.

carson had a game earlier this week...they play half hour games for the little people and there's no keeping score. carson hasn't quite grasped all the details yet...but the ONE THING that must have REEEEEALLY stuck in his mind from the coach's instructions was KEEP YOUR HANDS UP. because for the ENTIRE game, he ran up and down the court, arms raised...he looked like someone was holding a gun to his back. LOTS OF GIGGLES FROM THE BLEACHERS.

part of the problem may have been that during the huddle before the game, he wasn't exactly focused...check it out:

jordan's first game was today. they were the home team and they did an INCREDIBLE JOB. final score: HOME - 30, VISITORS - 8. what a win! one of the girls on her team was responsible for the majority of those 30 points...she was AMAZING. jordan got two baskets and was sooooo excited! the sports coordinator for the league sat with us and was amazed at her speed. in his words, 'she's faster than her skills.' LOL. when she raises her skill level, it's going to even MORE fun to watch. she loved every minute of it.

here are some pics from the game:

(she admitted later that she was a little intimidated at first by the size of the girl that she was guarding LOL):

aunt jennjer, we need you :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

U is for UMMM...

as in 'ummmm...i can't come up with anything that starts with U that is relevant to it being new year's day...or that will allow me to share the pictures from jordan's birthday party at the park.'

nana and papa arrived the day after jordan's birthday and we've been busy, busy, busy! we had a GORGEOUS day...pretty enough to do cake and ice cream at the park with a few of jordan's bestest friends!

here are some pics from the day: