Thursday, February 19, 2009

nanny goes to market street

after bobby's surprise party on sunday, he spent the day monday (his OFFICIAL birthday) showing nanny around town.

here are a few pictures from the day:


bobby turned fifty on monday. and he got his AARP card in the mail the friday before (hee hee...i'm totally SERIOUS!!!!). think of all the money we'll save on date nights. pretty soon i can start taking him to kohl's with me to get the seniors discount :)

he had NOOOOO idea that his mom was flying in on saturday evening. it's been four years since we've seen nanny & we were so glad that she was able to come in!

nana & papa also arrived on saturday (he knew that they were coming).

he did NOT know that sunday afternoon we were throwing him a surprise party.

and speaking of THROWING...

he took his mom to lunch and i told him i couldn't join them because carson was THROWING UP. carson had been clued in to the big secret and was ready to fake sickness on a moment's notice. but he didn't have to because daddy didn't even want to come in the house near the germs LOL

SURPRISE wasn't the word when he realized that lots of his friends were gathered in the house waiting for him. he was TRULY SHOCKED.

and i had lots of repenting to do for the slew of lies i'd been spewing all week.

but it was worth it!

here are some photos from the party: