Monday, October 25, 2010

i get by with a little help from my friends...

last weekend we had the joy of doing family pics out in the middle of a random field. how very texan of us, right?

the lovely stacey p. collins ( has captured the chaos beautifully. stay tuned for the official photos.

meanwhile, once she was done working, bobby took some of the two of know...since the couch was already OUT there (lol). and i'm so glad he did. i think everyone should have a pic with their B.F.F.

this pic makes me smile. i'm lucky to have stacey in my life. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


it seems that october has finally brought us a break for the heat and humidity. i won't kid myself...i know that our 'indian summer' is probably still yet to come...but for now we are trying to enjoy every moment of it.
we had a birthday cookout for papa (and a belated birthday celebration for me rolled in) and the weather was GLORIOUS!
good thing there are no candles on the cake because it would have required ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN and that might have caused a fire hazard :)


this weekend jennifer & i had the opportunity to attend the woodlands hometown heroes gala to honor members of the community who have gone above & beyond in making our town a better place.
we worked the silent auction and also the live auction...and we dined on some scrumptious asparagus recipe that we are DYING to recreate!
it was fun to get all dolled up and spend the evening together!

carson was the only one around to take my pic before i left so i look like i'm 8 feet tall LOL

not every day we get to wear fancy party dresses...and we're thankful not to have to wear fancy party shoes every day :)

and now we have 11 months to find the perfect dresses for next year :)


this summer, jordan accompanied my friend stacey on a photo shoot to be her assistant. while they were waiting for the subjects to arrive, they had a little photo session of their own. who says bulldozers are only for boys? :)


The nonprofit organization that i am working for holds an annual event for the seniors in our community. SENIOR GAMES 2010 was an amazing time filled with moments that had you smiling and crying at the same time.
As the seniors arrived and entered the school, cheerleaders lined the hall, cheering them on. Some walked down the hall, hand in hand with high school aged volunteers, others needed the support of their walkers, and still others were wheeled in with their wheelchairs.
And ALL of them were there to compete in the senior games: bowling, golf, spelling bees, talent show, etc.
My niece Alexis and my daughters Jordan and Katelynn (a recent addition to our family :) ) came and spent the day with us, serving the seniors. It's a day none of us will forget.

We fell in love with this native Texan beauty. She was absolutely NOT going to wear the bright yellow t-shirt given to each of the seniors. Heavens no. It would mess up her stylish ensemble complete with cheetah belt. Oh how I loved her!

Another one of my favorites was Janet, who was one of the 'chair dancers.' She was spunky and fun and absolutely delightful to watch.

And the day would not have been complete with a group of line dancers...some in their 90s.

It has been an absolute joy to spend time working in an environment that makes such a difference in the lives of people who appreciate it so very much.
Thank you Interfaith for all you do for the community, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.