Sunday, March 23, 2008

HaPpY eAsTeR!

if they made arrests for blog-neglect, i would surely be locked up already.

things have been a little more chaotic than normal.

but i'll get to that in a moment.

first, an easter photo. it was a beautiful day. after church, rather than a traditional easter dinner, we opted to use our christmas gift from nana & papa to go eat at our fave mexican restaurant...

we sat out on the patio and reflected as a family on how VERY different easter 2008 is from easter 2007.

but i'll get to that in a moment too :)

now, back to last easter vs. this easter.

last easter, we were trudging along...we were waiting for SOMETHING to happen...waiting for the breakthrough...

we were still living in the apartments, bobby was still at walmart and while full of faith, life was less than easy.

fast forward...bobby got hired on at church as the director of video operations. a dream come true. he's doing the very thing he was BORN to do...and loving every minute of it.

our lease is almost up and we began looking for a home. the slump in the housing market is definitely to our advantage.

we have looked at new, old, and everything in between. one morning, i found a house online that was going to be open later in the day. bobby and i decided to take a drive and look at it. the photos of the backyard were calling us!

from the minute we walked in this house, we felt like we were home. a hard thing to explain...but so much so that bobby was the first to bring it up a bit after we left. it just felt RIGHT.

i am excited to say that our offer has been accepted, the inspections have all cleared and provided our loan goes through without a hitch, we will close on our new home april 21.

all of the things that we sacrificed by making this crazy move to texas are coming back to us...we are so filled with awe and thanksgiving.

even little very favorite thing about our home in ohio was the was an oasis...just a beautiful, restful haven. this backyard has that same feel.

and i laughed when the owner told us that on the fourth of july, you can sit in the front yard and see the city fireworks because that was another favorite about our old house.

it also made me smile when i discovered that they raised three boys and one girl in the house.

we are beyond excited, beyond able to fully express the gratitude in our hearts towards a God who called us here, a God who had everything lined up for us and all he asked of us was for us to TRUST him.


life is good. GOD IS GREAT.

can i get an amen?