Friday, November 12, 2010


sharing some of our family pics from stacey. and as i look at them, not only does a smile come to my face, but an overwhelming sense of gratitude to my heart.

i love them...the pictures AND the people in them. :) this is my FAMILY. these are the people who know me, love me and never give up on me. these are the people who see me in all my reality (ugly flannel jammies and granny knee socks LOL). these are the people who keep me from losing my mind (and sometimes push me a little closer :)

i am SO SO SO very blessed. in may it will be 20 years that bobby and i have been married. almost 17 of those years being shared with one or more children. it's hard to believe that austin will be a senior next year.

life will continue to move forward. change is coming.

but this moment...this time in our captured forever. just us. out in the middle of a field somewhere in texas. all together. for now.

and i am ever so grateful.