Saturday, February 13, 2010


tonight is austin's second annual military ball for the AFJROTC. it's still hard to fathom that this is my BABY BOY we're talking about here.

he and callan have so much fun together! i missed the picture of him giving her gifts and so they reenacted the moment for me LOL...not sure why but they aren't allowed to wear corsages (learned this the hard way last year) so in lieu of flowers, we went for jewelry this year :)

it was freezing (well, according to texas standards) so we went inside while she opened her gift)

and then straight back into the c-c-cold for some pictures :)

as they were getting closer to the door, austin tried to get to it before callan could...

but she beat him to it and opened it for him LOLOLOLOL the look on her face (as he was telling her that HE was supposed to open it) is PRICELESS.

once inside, it became a reunion of old friends...callan used to go to austin's school before she there was lots of squealing from the girls who spotted her.
this picture is of amanda (in the pink dress) showing off her shoes (and socks) to tati...amanda is BRILLIANT...she wore socks so she could take her shoes off and dance...AND she also didn't want to worry about a purse so she wore shorts under her dress to keep her cell phone handy. she CRACKS ME UP.

austin having a moment of glory LOL

purty girls

austin, these are the days you will look back on and remember forever! enjoy!