Saturday, October 25, 2008

a glimpse into the future

tonight jordan skipped right past the teenage years, straight to frumpy housewife.

her friend bianca had a costume party tonight. this is one way to ensure that the boys don't give her a second glance, right? hee hee.

Día de los Muertos

austin had an assignment in art class to do something for DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (a mexican celebration where family and friends gather together to remember their loved ones who have passed on).

i'm not really into skulls or anything, but i thought he did a great job and wanted to share :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

watch out picasso! some new kids in town!

lately the boys have been spending much LESS time with their army guys and much MORE time with paper & crayons.

their creations crack me up. if you'd like a giggle, take a peek:


and a few of hudson's.

first, HIS teenage mutant ninja turtle (he's riding a motorcycle):

next (and i'm finding this a bit frightening LOL) is a picture of the up-til-now invisible JOHN COLLIN. i'd type more about this but i'm speechless at the moment. (he's wearing a bat-mask so he still holds an air of mystery about him):

a random dude (yikes):

and lastly, he's got HIS name down pat, but i think we're going to have to work with him a bit more on DADDY'S name. OOPS. hee hee hee.

p.s. as i'm typing this, i've also just been updated that john collin's dad is no longer working as a pez-dispenser-maker in africa. nope, he's back here in the good old U.S.A. working at walmart. he's "the guy that takes your stuff when you put it on that thing and it makes it go by itself." (cashier). and to think he used to be a pilot not too long ago.
if you pray for imaginary people, i'm thinking their family could use your prayers.
or if you prefer, just pray for hudson LOLOL

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bespectacled Boy

may i be the first to introduce you to

the new

the improved (well, his eyesight anyhow)

C A R S O N:

he is so excited to have glasses like his big brother and sister!

next stop: hearing specialist. gotta love those notes home from the nurse.

this is the age that jordan's hearing loss was first discovered. we'd appreciate your prayers that this is NOT a serious issue. we've seen the pediatrician and she's ruled out an ear infection or extra fluid. we're hopeful that there's not significant hearing loss as in jordan's case, but we'll take it a day at a time.

to be continued...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

blog slacker

yep, that's me. things are very BUSY at casa de lee!

the original homecoming was postponed due to IKE. so i'm a little late with pics. austin and a group of friends had dinner together and then went to the game.

pics from pre-dinner were taken by my sweet friend stacey of rowan & lucky photography. you can check out the fun candids on her blog @ (you'll have to scroll down, but as you do check out some of the gorgeous images she's been busy capturing!)

stacey, THANK YOU for taking such great pics. the kids had a blast & those are far beyond what my little olympus would capture.

here are a few pics of the kids heading out, and then at, the game (and yeah, i know...i TOLD austin all the kids would be wearing their school logo shirts but he wanted to wear yellow...goof-ball!):

jordan is staying busy with volleyball. thursday night's home game was a NAIL-BITER! we were seriously on the edge of our seats the whole night and the crowd went wild when they beat KNOX. GO LADY EAGLES!

in other news, hudson is betrothed. yep. that's right. he decided that he is going to marry rowan (stacey's daughter). he asked me if it would be okay and i told him that he'd have to ask mr. chuck (her dad). so, in typical hudson-form, he said, 'well, get the phone and call him!'

and so we did. the conversation between the two went well. mr. chuck said yes and hudson is deliriously happy.

enjoy the long weekend! xoxo.