Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh be careful little mouth what you say

ever have one of those headcolds where you just think surely you will die from lack of oxygen?

well, after FINALLY getting some relief from my allergies, i woke up this morning with the above referenced type of cold.

the kind where you have to actually CARRY the tissue box around with you. fun times.

ever meet one of those people who hates to take medicine? even if they're feeling rotten?

well, i AM one of those people. i'd rather suffer the symptoms of the ailment than suffer the symptoms of the cure.

and so i suffered through the day. but tonight...well...i just couldn't take another second. and so i took a child's dose, hoping for some relief.

carson was nearby and i asked him to pray for me. he asked what was wrong. so i told him:


and he INSTANTLY...i'm talking that VERY SECOND...burst into tears.

he thought i was going to die.


i tried to explain. i tried to giggle. i tried to make HIM giggle. nope. nothing. he prayed for me and by the end of the prayer he was SOBBING.

God, i LOVE this kid.

and God, if you're listening: I STILL CAN'T BREATHE.

Friday, April 17, 2009

jordan and rachel * B.F.F.

jordan and rachel have been best friends ever since rachel showed up @ our door step one day, shortly after we had moved into our rental house. they are two peas in a pod and we love rachel as if she were our own.

so when stacey (my best friend ever since i showed up @ HER door step almost three years ago, with luggage and family in tow LOL) offered to take them to market street for a photo shoot, they were SO EXCITED!
a few shots from their day:

if you're looking for a natural light photographer in the woodlands, texas, you HAVE to call ROWAN AND LUCKY PHOTOGRAPHY.


stacey rocks!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

apparently i need some SERIOUS HAIR HELP!

today i was flat-ironing my hair.

hudson came in and asked what i was doing.
i told him i was getting the crazy curls out of my hair.
he thought i said crazy quails.

or maybe he thought i said crazy quayles.

either way, i'm still laughing :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter 2009

happy easter. hope that your day has been filled with peace & blessings.

we've had a lovely day. actually, the festivities started last night with egg coloring. don't mind all the mis-matched jammies and such. austin had just arrived home from repelling in the hill country (note the scratches on his arm...they're all the way down one whole side of his body...ouch). and a view of carson's cast...and a cute pic of maya, the possum hunter :) (happy to report that there have been NO MORE possum...i think she got them all).

today we went to church and got into the building right before a TORRENTIAL downpour. one extra red light would have been the difference between staying drive and dripping wet. thank you GOD. lol.

our new friend lisa came to church this morning and the boys were excited to see her again. lisa was carson's 'date' at kevin & jessica's wedding :)

and much as daddy was certain that the boys matching argyle sweaters were going to garner a good old fashioned arse-kickin', i am happy to report that no such thing happened. hee hee.

and then we feasted with the crowe family. might not look like much, but i'm still stuffed.

and i think jordan either has a promising future in floral design (check out the arrangements she made from assorted flowers/plants in our backyard) or in hair design (recycling water bottles has never been more chic LOL...brings her hair to a whole new level!).

filled with lots of yummy dinner and dessert, but even moreso with thanksgiving for a personal relationship with a living, life-changing, loving God. xoxo.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a weird thing happened at the kohl's check out...

i found a couple of shirts for bobby on clearance at kohl's for easter.

one for saturday night, one for sunday morning. nothing fancy, but a little dressier than his typical workday polo shirts.

so i get to the checkout and the lady in front of me has a TON of stuff. she lets me go in front of her. she then asks if i have a coupon because SHE has a 30% off coupon.

i don't. she asks the checkout dude if i can use it before she does. and he says yes.


so he scans my stuff, applies the discount and then asks for my kohl's charge card.

uh-oh. i don't HAVE a kohl's charge card.


seriously? wow.

wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS (lol) and told me to:

i will. i will. i will.

isn't that just awesome?! i invited her to church and told her to look for my husband...that he'd be wearing the shirts saturday and sunday and to introduce herself.

who knows. maybe she'll actually come?

just blown away by the kindess of a stranger.

thank you kind lady. may your blessing be returned a gazillion times over :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

i'm signing hudson up for the circus

last night, after dripping some ice cream down his arm, we came to discover that the kid can pretty much lick his own elbows.

now, maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal to you.

go ahead, TRY IT.

not even CLOSE...not even POSSIBLE for anyone in this house.

except hudson.

this kid is CONTINUOUSLY full of surprises.

OKAY, who ordered the SHOCK THERAPY????

do you ever feel like you
be on CANDID CAMERA?????

i ran to walmart tonight (see 'it all started with the cups' and know that what i am about to describe was TOTALLY worth it).

anyhow... this dude was returning his cart and so i took it from him.

i'm sure he chuckled the whole way home.

i pushed it around the store and didn't realize at first that i was being shocked. where i was holding the handle, i was getting zapped. over and over and over (and over) again.

it finally registered. sometimes i'm a little slow LOL.

now, i'm pretty sure that any NORMAL person would have gone and gotten a new cart.

i didn't. and i still had quite a few things in the store to track down (i hadn't even FOUND the bunnies yet).

i tried to position my hands differently. it didn't work. and so as i pushed, i was shocked. and i would make faces...and OUCH out loud.

and i'm thinking that if there were hidden cameras, they were all zoomed in on the crazy lady in aisle 10 who was twitching and talking to herself. LOL.

and the thing that's most puzzling to me is that i was wearing flip flops. which now makes me worry that if i'm driving in my car and lightning strikes, the tires aren't going to protect me.

say it isn't so.

it's all good though. someone needs to make sure my children know how much physical pain i have endured just to make sure that they are happy & content. :)

it started with the cups...

oh MY gosh...you cannot IMAGINE (okay, maybe you can) how many cups a day i was washing because no one could remember whose cup was whose.

i swear, they were driving me C.R.A.Z.Y.

so i decided to color code the children's cups...

austin - green
jordan - pink
carson - yellow
hudson - blue

and while i was at it, i thought i might as well do the same for plates and bowls too.

this was LIFE CHANGING (really!) as i could now know IMMEDIATELY who didn't put their dishes away...or who didn't finish their lunch, etc.

and so one day, while picking up the 3,923rd wet towel of the week, i realized i should do the same with the towels.

you know, i have my ditzy airheaded moments...but these...these were moments of PURE GENIUS. (that rarely happens, so i'm going to claim them and not feel bad about it LOL).

this has probably been the most helpful thing i have EVER done in my 15+ years of motherhood.

and sooooooo, imagine my DELIGHT when, tonight as i was picking up some groceries i stumbled across THESE:

i don't even normally GET the kids chocolate for easter (gasp!) but i just HAD to get these! i think that my excitement over the color coded bunnies will probably exceed theirs. and so i'm giving you a preview instead. humor me :)

oh and lexi and hannah: if you are reading this...SHHHHHH! ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

a glimpse inside my head

enter at your own risk.

so, as if the house doesn't already have enough noise...when it comes time for me to go to bed i prefer to have noise in the background.

i typically turn on letterman, listen to the monologue and then close my eyes and start to drift off (no offense dave, really!).
last night was no different.

i was 'listening' (but not watching) as he introduced michael j. fox. i thought about sitting up, putting my glasses on and looking at the television to see how my buddy mike was doing...but alas, i was just too tired.

sometime after that (actually HOURS later) i woke up. and instead of thinking of michael j. fox, i was thinking of alex keaton. which amazed me...because i have THEEEEE WORLD'S WORST MEMORY...but who can forget alex, right?

my mind then wandered to...whats-her-face...who is his sister? oh wait, that was mallory (justine bateman). and i was doing just fine...

until i realized that i could no longer remember who the younger sister was...not her character name OR her real name.

i laid in bed for a good hour (AT LEAST) trying to come up with it. finally fell asleep, still not knowing.

and i woke up this morning and it hit me: TINA YOTHERS.

i had to cheat and google to find her character name: jennifer.

why do i do this?

why can i not turn my brain off?

why do i care?

why are YOU still reading this? LOL

and WHAT, OH WHAT OH WHAT, would i do without google in my life? seriously. if i had to pick one thing to take with me on a desert island, i'm thinking it would need to be my google or i would drive myself INSANE.

so there you have it. you were warned. but you just had to keep reading, didn't you?

in other news:
the crowes began the work of moving into their 'nest' today! exciting stuff.

it wore the boys out. (big boys and little boys but i only have pics of the little variety).

the dog killed a possum in the backyard when we got home. i do believe it is customary in texas to make a possum pie for a housewarming gift. hee hee.

and the hilarious quote of the evening was bobby telling 'mr. chuck' about how he and mark did a FAB job building a fence in our backyard. (they really did...FAB).
THE COMMENT: we may not be straight but we're cheap.

oh MY gosh. still laughing and it was HOURS ago.