Thursday, March 17, 2011


so, i have to admit that i don't have the world's greatest memory (some of y'all are not at all surprised by this...i have to work EXTRA hard on being charming so as to make you love me so much that you will find this flaw forgiveable :)

i don't remember WHY, and i don't remember WHEN...but i DO remember that my friend tami used the word MAGNANIMOUS to describe my sister jennifer.

that's a big word. and it starts with M.
magnanimous (adj.) -- showing or suggesting a lofty & courageous spirit. very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.

i could end there. but that probably wouldn't be enough to make you laugh...and i promised a chuckle. so i shall continue.

sometime later...again, don't remember WHEN...maybe a couple weeks ago???? my sister jennifer (the magnanimous one) and i had chinese. at the end of our meal, i went for the fortune cookies (i think cookies...any cookies...are awesome) but jenn said no...that she'd had a freaky fortune cookie experience and would prefer not to :)

being the salesgirl that i am, i sold her on the idea of having one anyhow. so she read hers and it was just...well...boring maybe? nothing about it stands out. at least not to me (says the girl with the memory issues LOL).

then i opened mine. and i immediately handed it to her and said, 'i'm sorry. i believe this belongs to you.'

it read:

and we laughed. because it was so random. not your every day word. well, maybe it's one of YOUR every day words...but not here. at least, not THEN. so anyhow, she's kept that little slip of paper at her computer and each time i see it, it makes me smile :)

congratulations. you've made it through part one of my story.

now, on to part two.

earlier this week we had an evening showing of our home. so i took the kids up to the food court at the mall. this pleased my picky bunch because they could each get what they wanted and i was able to get the OH SO FABULOUS green beans from the chinese place by the merry go round.

i purchased five fortune cookies and saved them for when we got home. i had the kids each choose one, from youngest to oldest.

and they read them aloud.

hudson: attend to business today. leave that street-side flower alone.

carson: if you want people to like you, like yourself first.

jordan: if you don't program yourself, life will program you.

austin: it doesn't matter. who is without a flaw?

and then, my default fortune cookie. the only one left.

and i opened it.
and i laughed.

apparently someone out there thinks that i, TOO, am magnanimous.
may i strive for all these qualities and more.
and may i always have a good chinese restaurant nearby.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

L is for LET'S MOVE ON bc "M" is HILARIOUS

sometimes you just get stuck. usually these random things just POP into my head (i know, i know, you're frightened, aren't you?).

but L was causing me some problems.
perhaps it's all that's on my plate right now...working, single momming it to four kids...trying to do third grade homework (hey, don't judge me...some of this math stuff is HARD!)...trying to keep the house PERFECT...trying to not have my kids hate me in the process LOL.

so i might come up with something every once in awhile for my alphabetical blog but was not following through with ANY of it.

and then my friend pam Lozano called me out (gasp) on my facebook account & it brought me back to my senses and i realized: I MUST FINISH WHAT I STARTED.

and so this is my L post. thank you mrs. Lozano. you've pushed me past this moment in time and i am thrilled to move on to M.
because M cracks ME up.