Monday, February 13, 2012

hearts aren't supposed to hurt on valentine's day

you'd THINK that if someone in my house was going to be heartbroken this valentine's day that it would be one of my teenagers.

but nope. instead it's my little guy. and it's not because he's love sick, but rather, HOME sick.

he's been extra emotional the last couple days...tears at the drop of a hat. he must have decided it was just too hard to put in he started passing me notes. and not only is HIS heart hurting, but mine is too.

here are a few (sigh):

(a picture of our texas house, with the van in the drive)

(the park across the street)

(an airplane going from his virginia elementary school to his texas one)

as a mom, it just breaks my heart that he is hurting. no amount of 'explaining' will change what he's feeling right now. all that can be done is to love him through this.

and we will do our best.

perhaps not by chance, his 'achy breaky heart' comes at a time when i'm struggling with some heart ache of my own.

as i have prayed for i have prayed for him to know how much he is loved, how much he is CHERISHED, i have felt God whispering in my heart (i mean, he doesn't really whisper in my ear...he's never been AUDIBLE to me...and i'm kinda glad...i don't think i could handle that LOL)...anyhow, i have felt him whispering in my heart that he feels that way about ME.

he loves me. he understands. even when i don't have the words to put it into a prayer. even when the best i can do is send a mental picture up to heaven...he knows.

and in the same way it's impossible for ME to explain to hudson all of the reasons that we had to move...and that he needs to trust us because he doesn't see the big picture right now, i feel like God is saying IF YOU FEEL LIKE THAT AS A HUMAN PARENT, IMAGINE HOW I FEEL AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER. MY LOVE IS PERFECT. YOU CAN TRUST ME. YOU MAY NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M DOING BUT I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE...I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. NO MATTER WHAT.

so my prayer tonight is for anyone who is suffering from a broken heart...

God sees. He knows. He cares.

You are loved. More than you will ever be able to comprehend.



Thursday, February 2, 2012

a timeless classic? you decide. LOL.

sooooooo, today a sweater arrived in the mail. grammy in florida has been downsizing and sent me a classic cotton ralph lauren flag sweater.
i opened it up and austin was like, 'why does that look familiar?' i had to think for a second and then i just started to laugh.

like, REALLY REALLY laugh.

because i had an idea.

i am easily amused.
austin...not so much.
ha ha ha ha ha ha. i am STILL laughing. and austin cannot WAIT to head off to college. hee hee hee.

aren't you glad YOU aren't my kid????? :)