Friday, September 24, 2010

a night of fine dining, diamonds and sports cars :)

bobby and i headed out to market street to celebrate my birthday. an absolutely GORGEOUS night complete with full moon (which was very hard to capture on my just looks like another light in the pic)

first stop, dinner @ cafe express...outside on the patio...haven't been able to do that in MONTHS...and it was still a little toasty...but maybe that's because i'm dressed for fall, REFUSING to participate in any sort of summer dress. i'm OVER it. bring on sweater weather!

i love love love the blt with avacado. side of sweet potatoes. half last night, half today for lunch. i'm a happy girl!

after dinner, we stopped by the bank...

and then headed to tiffany's where i had my choice of anything in the store.

and then out to the parking lot where bobby had a surprise waiting for me. isn't it lovely?

BUT but BUT...i did come home to presents, hugs & kisses from my kids and those are more cherished to me than diamonds and hot cars :)

the laughter is from the fact that my husband...who has been married to me for ALMOST twenty years does NOT know how old i am. at least he erred on the low side, right? he REFUSED to believe the kids who argued that they were CERTAIN this was not the correct age. he should have listened to them. but then this pic would not be so funny :)

here's hoping birthday wishes DO come true. xoxo.

tighten your seatbelts...

it's official. after MONTHS...and MONTHS...and MONTHS of waiting (patiently, i might add)...austin has FINALLY gotten his texas driver's permit.
he's the envy of all his friends behind the wheel of a white dodge caravan LOLOL


homecoming 2010

weren't they just babies a couple years ago???????

bobby embracing his role as PAPA LEE in texas country :)

i've got sunshine on a cloudy day...

i've got sunshine on a cloudy day
when it's cold outside, i've got the month of may
i guess you'd say
what can make me feel this way?
my girl
talkin' 'bout my girl

i love you georgia.


after school fun for the boys...a STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS party.
i belong to a super cool site that allows you to host parties for their marketing purposes...they send you free stuff, you throw a party. they get the exposure and you get the stuff :)
the boys had lots of fun playing a new star wars game...and i had fun playing betty crocker :) win win, right?

she serves...she scores!


jordan started the game with a serve. point one.

served again, point two.

and again, point three.

TWENTY FIVE CONSECUTIVE SERVES. and on the final serve, the ball went back and forth until oak ridge hit it out and the other team FINALLY got the ball.

lots of laughter and cheering combined. GO LADY EAGLES! this was DEFINITELY a game to remember :)

katelynn, bianca, jordan & coach pounds after the game.

show your 'OVER ALL' school spirit day!

bianca, katelynn & jordan showing off their 'overall' spirit in their custom made overall/tutu combos LOL


austin (junior) & jordan (freshman) headed out mighty early in the morning on the first day of school.

carson (third grade) & hudson (first grade) getting ready to get on the bus at a much more reasonable time of morning :)